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community involvement

At Julius Kaaz Construction Companies, we recognize the role our organization, employees and their families play in contributing to the welfare and future of the communities where we live and work. We believe there is something beyond building a business that gives our company a higher purpose. Therefore, community involvement is an integral part of our business and is carried out through a program of grant making, in-kind giving, volunteerism and leadership in community service.

In the spirit of our commitment to social responsibility, we are proud to feature a sample of our numerous non-profit partnerships on this page.

Angel Flight
A healthy body and mind are essential for a full life. However, it's too often lost because access to the appropriate health care services may seem out of reach. Angel Flight is a non-profit organization of pilots and other volunteers dedicated to serving the community by arranging free private air transportation for medical patients who cannot afford to utilize normal, commercial transportation. Angel Flight pilots help people by offering their airplanes and time to help through tough times. Lexeco president Greg Kaaz has flown over --- missions to assist families who might not otherwise have been afforded the opportunity to seek medical attention at the hospitals most prepared to deal with their medical conditions.

Richard Allen Cultural Center
Julius Kaaz supports community initiatives that develop common goals, promote collaboration among diverse groups, and bolster community pride. The Richard Allen Cultural Center is one such organization in our community and we are proud to have been a part of its expansion as the general contractor providing both $--- in-kind construction services and $5,000 cash contributions.

The Guidance Center
Psychological well-being is crucial to successful human development because of its strong influence on an individual's work life, family life, and functioning in the community. For more than 60 years, The Guidance Center has provided life-changing and life-saving service to the citizens of Leavenworth Atchison, and Jefferson Counties. In 2000, Steve Kaaz, President of Julius Kaaz Construction Company joined other community leaders in conducting a successful $2 million Capital Campaign toward building a new mental health facility in Leavenworth. Julius Kaaz Construction Companies and its family members pledged over $400,000 to the campaign.

Catholic Social Services
As part of our effort to encourage employees to become involved in charitable giving, Julius Kaaz partners with Catholic Social Services to support families during the holiday season.

Tri-County Smart Start Coalition
Inadequate compensation for early education teachers is the single biggest barrier to improving quality early education programs. The low compensation in the field leads to high turnover of staff. Advocates for early education recognize that without solving the compensation question, all other initiatives will have limited effectiveness. Julius Kaaz is proud to have donated $5,000 over the past two years to assist the Tri-County Smart Start Coalition in securing grant funding to increase financial compensation for early childhood educators in Leavenworth, Wyandotte and Johnson Counties.

Leavenworth County Youth Achievement Center
There are many young people who have few, if any opportunities to escape the negative influences that surround them. Fortunately, there are places and programs that teach youth coping skills and build confidence and hope for the future.

Julius Kaaz enthusiastically endorses the Youth Achievement Center through more than $5,000 in annually to support its many programs designed to enhance the lives of children and families living in Leavenworth County.


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