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Whether it's a $5 million community project that represents a shared dream and years of fundraising, a $10 million dollar building renovation or a $15 million highway project that must be completed faster, better and safer than the competition, Julius Kaaz Construction Companies are driven by each owner's specific goals. Delivering top value for every project is the foundation of our businesses.

Julius Kaaz Construction Companies provide a variety of construction services in the Kansas City Metropolitan and surrounding areas. The companies are divided into two separate but related divisions; commercial building, and road and highway construction. We are active in both government work and in the private sector, and adjust our methods and contracts to meet the specific needs of each customer and project.

Our highway construction division can take a street or highway from the clearing phase to final seeding. We are able to perform clearing, removal of existing structures, grading, soil stabilization, aggregate bases, storm sewer, concrete paving, curb and gutter, concrete structures and general supervision with our own forces. Construction capability can range from adding lanes to an existing road, to a creating a new street or highway.

Our commercial building division performs new construction, remodeling and restoration for all types of structures. When appropriate, we furnish lump-sum, cost-competitive bids. We're also experienced in the use of negotiated guaranteed maximum price (GMP), cost plus fixed-fee (CPFF), and design/build (D/B) business models.

Asphalt and concrete recycling is the newest service offered by the Julius Kaaz Companies. With our portable recycling equipment, we can move onto your site and recycle up to 1500 tons of construction waste per day. Recycling provides a cost effect way to dispose of the construction waste while providing a reasonably price aggregate as an end result.

Kaaz Construction Company

For four generations Julius Kaaz Construction, Inc. has been providing high quality general contracting in Kansas and Missouri communities. Julius Kaaz Construction, Inc. is prepared to meet the needs of our customers through a variety of contracting options including general contracting, construction management, and design-build methods. We understand that every building project is unique. Prior to engaging in a specific project delivery method, (Design-Build, Construction Management or General Contracting), an overall assessment of the Owner's needs and objectives should be made. Kaaz Construction is available to discuss your project and help select a delivery method that is right for you.

What Is General Contracting?

The General Contractor takes responsibility for building a project based on a design developed by an architect or engineer. A qualified and bonded General Contractor will typically complete the structure, shell, and interior components of a project with its own carpenters, masons, and laborers. Other trade work (site-work, windows, flooring, painting, roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical) is subcontracted and closely coordinated and managed by the General Contractor. The General Contractor, either for a competitive bid or negotiated "lump sum amount," will take all the risk of managing, constructing and coordinating the trade workers, subcontractors and material suppliers. This is done in order to complete the project as designed, for the agreed upon cost, and within a specified time frame. The final product, the physical building referred to as the "bricks and mortar," is a direct reflection on the quality of the general contractor's efforts.

What is Construction Management?

Construction Management(CM) is a professional service that provides owners with the highest level of control over their project. It is through this approach that the four (4) basic elements of a project, scope, time, cost, and quality can be controlled, and balanced to meet critical project requirements while maximizing value. This is achieved through a "Team Approach," and involves the Construction Manager early in the design phase, lending skills and knowledge of, phasing, construction methodologies, safety, value engineering and analysis, cost control and estimating, and total project scheduling. With a building design that now benefits from this expert construction planning, the Construction Manager can effectively manage, control and coordinate the construction work in the field.

"At-risk" CM is a delivery method which entails a commitment by the construction manager to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The construction manager acts as consultant to the owner in the development and design phases, but as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase. When a construction manager is bound to a GMP, the most fundamental character of the relationship is changed. In addition to acting in the owner's interest, the construction manager also protects him/herself.

What is Design-Build?

The Design-Build Contractor is responsible for the design, management, and construction of the whole project. The primary benefit of this approach is simplicity and ease of communication between the Owner and a single firm, which is solely responsible for the success of the project. The streamlining of services provides opportunities for improving cost efficiency, development of innovative solutions and the ability to accelerate the project schedule. Bottom line, Owners receive the best value in the shortest period of time.


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