Julius Kaaz Construction Company is dedicated to providing exceptional value, by identifying and fulfilling our customers' diverse requirements for construction projects. Through a commitment to education, innovative methods, quality, safety and teamwork, we create a positive working environment, which encourages involvement, open communication and pride of performance. Our determination to achieve success is governed by a devotion to the principles of honesty, integrity, quality management, and the ethical treatment of our customers and co-workers, while returning a fair profit to our company.


To ensure quality performance, Julius Kaaz Construction is committed to maintaining a workforce of experienced managers, supervisors and field-workers. All of our employees are kept up to date with modern technology and techniques through continuing education, in-house seminars, and training provided by the Associated General Contractors of America, The Heavy Constructors of Kansas City and Kansas Contractor's Association.


Value engineering is a core Julius Kaaz competency. We brainstorm cost-saving strategies throughout the project lifecycle, working side-by-side with all key stakeholders to reduce costs without sacrificing your goals or the quality of the final product.


We're a seasoned general contractor as well as a construction manager, so you can count on us to follow through in the field. Our project managers help to ensure that people and materials come together seamlessly to drive your project to completion. From beginning to end, we provide a comprehensive, "no-excuses" approach that builds trust and delivers results.


Julius Kaaz Construction's commitment to safety permeates every aspect of our organization. We've found that rigorous safety controls don't detract from the bottom line, but actually improve relationships and job site efficiency. Julius Kaaz​ Construction utilizes worker safety teams that call upon every individual to play an active role in risk prevention. Our employees are required to attend yearly safety training keeping them up to date with rules, regulations and procedures. Our team approach has proven equally effective in our quality assurance program. We bring owners, managers, subcontractors, and trade​s people together to define expectations and monitor performance. Through close collaboration, everyone reaps the benefits of a safer job site and high quality results.​​

Generational –

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Julius E. Kaaz, founder of Julius Kaaz Construction, began his career under guidance of his father, Julius H. Kaaz. He and his father, later, worked together on the design-build of Christ Lutheran Church in Columbus Nebraska completed in 1921. Julius E. Kaaz went on to form his own general contracting company. The work performed by this enterprising young contractor concentrated primarily on concrete and brickwork, while his wife, Lydia kept track of business affairs. Son-in-law, Eldon Luehring joined the business in 1945. Over the next ten years the size of projects and scope of work increased and additional employees were added to the team.​​

In 1957, J. David Kaaz (son of Julius E. Kaaz) began working for the business after serving in the military. In 1958, Marguerite (wife of Eldon) and JoEtta (wife of David) began performing accounting functions for the business. Julius Kaaz Construction Co., Inc. was incorporated in January 1959. Through their hard work and dedication business continued to grow and prosper. In 1979, Stephen L. Kaaz (son of David and JoEtta) joined the business. In 1984, Greg D. Kaaz (son of David and JoEtta) joined the business. In 1998, Steve and Greg purchased the business from their parents.

In 1998, Jody M. Kaaz (daughter of Stephen Kaaz) joined the business. With 16+ years of project management experience and her extensive knowledge of operations her skills are sure to carry the company forward. In 2004, Jeff D. Kaaz (son of Stephen Kaaz) joined the family business. His knowledge in business administration and 14+ years of work in the field give him the experience needed to perform the duties of estimating and project management. In March 2014, Jody Kaaz obtained ownership of Julius Kaaz Construction Co., Inc. also becoming president of the company.

Over the years Julius Kaaz Construction has built a strong team of management and Union craftsman. A team with many years of combined experience gives our customer's confidence that their project will be completed on time, with-in budget and of high quality. With their leadership, the founding principles of safety, quality, integrity and honesty remain a priority. Kaaz Construction Company will continue to provide high quality construction and customer satisfaction at a fair price into the future. ​